Get ready for tomorrow's workplace, today.

Did you know that by the year 2020, the millennial generation will make up half of the U.S. workforce?

A seismic shift in the workplace is rapidly approaching, and the work environment as we know it today will virtually disappear in just a few short years.

So, how do we prepare?

How do we help generations work together most effectively? How do we gear up to handle the new products and services customers want, the way they want them – anywhere, anytime, any way, 24/7? And, how do we attract the millennial workers, leaders and customers we’ll need to succeed in the future?

We’ve put a tremendous amount of thought and energy into these questions, and the result is futurecraft® – a hands-on executive experience that helps corporate leaders future-proof their organizations.

Futurecraft® is a highly interactive experience that gives you a glimpse of the future world of work. You will get to know the millennial talent who will be taking the reins, learn how to recognize, employ and retain those future leaders, and learn how to build a workplace that guides and encourages intergenerational collaboration. Along the way, you and your colleagues will get access to powerful insights from organizations that are currently “doing it right,” then brainstorm and plan how to put tomorrow’s best practices to work in your own organization, today.

Futurecraft® quickly shows you how to:

  • Secure millennials as employees and customers
  • Catapult your mission
  • Bridge the gap across three generations
  • Foster inter-generational collaboration
  • Win the talent “war”
  • Increase innovation
  • Reduce unwanted turnover
  • Stimulate high-performance environments

View the video to learn more:

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