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Data-driven, research-based, customized learning experiences

Strengthen your leaders, strengthen your organization.

The need for leadership development has never been stronger. Prompted by global uncertainties, ever-increasing shareholder demands and intense competition, today’s companies understand that developing the individuals who can lead them to sustained high performance is critical for success.

The Center for High Performance offers customized, one- to five-day courses focused on increasing business unit performance by developing a higher-performance environment.

Our program courses include:

Leading a High-Performance Senior Team

The colossal business failures of the past demonstrate that emotion-based, reactive decisions have a direct and dangerous impact on an organization’s long-term performance.

Proactive, fact-based decisions, on the other hand, often lead to sustainable high performance. Based on CfHP’s global, proprietary research, this course focuses on how leaders can learn to model proactive behaviors such as confronting harsh realities, leveraging the talents of individuals and the team, adapting quickly to change, and finding opportunities in challenging times. When leaders model these behaviors they are more likely to make decisions that balance long- and short-term performance.

Participants will learn to:

  • Encourage an environment that drives high performance
  • Understand the killers of high performance and how to avoid them
  • Apply the principles of respectful communication
  • Make more proactive, fact-based decisions as a team
  • Develop a framework for avoiding individual decision traps and improving team decisions
  • Leverage the natural talents as well as the functional expertise of each team member
  • Listen to the contrarian voice
  • Identify, replicate and nurture high-performance behaviors throughout the organization
  • Utilize a six-step collaboration model to encourage the flow of ideas and solve complex problems
  • Apply the lessons of high-performing senior teams in their own companies

Leveraging Your Personal Leadership Brand

This program provides practical strategies and tools executives can use to manage their own personal leadership brand and utilize it to communicate effectively with a range of stakeholders. It focuses on the need to be proactive, rather than reactive, in getting messages across to employees, customers, suppliers, investors, the media and others – in good times and bad.

This leadership course can also be customized for companies in which leaders are expected to be an extension of the corporate brand by mirroring the brand promise through their actions and words.

Participants will learn to:

  • Recognize their personal leadership brand assets and increase their value
  • Develop their personal brand messages and deliver them to key stakeholders
  • Avoid pitfalls that may contribute to costly mistakes, overruns and “do-overs”
  • Deal with the media more effectively
  • Identify how a personal leadership brand can positively or negatively affect the company’s brand

Straight Talk in Tough Times: How Effective Leaders Communicate

This leadership development program provides practical strategies and tools to communicate tough messages in difficult times. Never before has the need to communicate key messages to a variety of stakeholders been more imperative. The ability of senior leaders to communicate effectively – and often – has become absolutely essential to company success today.

Participants discover the importance of being proactive, rather than reactive, in getting messages across to key audiences in the best and worst of circumstances.

Whether they are seeking to thrive in good times or simply to survive in rough waters, organizational leaders will learn how to:

  • Recognize the value of authentic leadership
  • Understand the relationship between leadership and “follower-ship”
  • Assess their current communication style
  • Recognize how personal communication style positively (or negatively) impacts effective message delivery
  • Deliver communication messages to key stakeholders
  • Proactively communicate in unexpected or difficult situations
  • Deal with the media more effectively
  • Figure out when and how to apologize
  • Deliver bad news

Custom Workshops and Speeches

In our highly customized workshops, our thought leaders share the results of our global research on high performance in the context of your own organization’s situation and needs. These experiences offer an incredible opportunity for you to not only access powerful research results, but to put them into action to help you achieve your organization’s goals.

We can also tailor speeches and workshop topics to address leadership, high-performance teams, business strategy, and innovation.

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