Executive ADVANCES™

Mountain-moving experiences for leadership teams

If you want to move forward, a retreat is not the way.

CfHP is a perpetually forward-thinking organization. The team-building experiences we design help senior leadership teams and boards of directors move their organizations ahead. Consequently, we refer to these experiences as ADVANCES™, not retreats. And they’re much more fun than retreats!

But, be warned, we sometimes have to go to uncomfortable places – where rumors are addressed, performance issues are laid on the table, and elephants in the room are faced head on. Because to get to the real issues, and produce sustainable results, we need to have those critical conversations that simply aren’t easy to have.

In the end, these custom-designed, high-energy ADVANCES™ will help your leadership team:

  • Better utilize each others’ strengths
  • Learn more effective ways of interacting
  • Increase critical thinking
  • Simplify complex decision-making
  • Make more proactive, fact-based decisions
  • Develop plans that balance long- and short-term goals
  • Identify roadblocks and accelerators to strategic plans

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