Business Books by Susan Lucia Annunzio

From one of the world’s leading management consultants comes three highly regarded business books...

Think Your Team’s High-Performing; Think Again

What Stands in the Way of High Performance

Why We Can’t Make Success Contagious

Making Success Contagious

Do your employees believe it’s safe to bring you bad news?

Susan Anunzio and Jim Blasingame talk about how to make sure your people don’t keep important information from you, especially the bad news.

Now that you’ve grown your small business to more than a couple of employees, what’s the next step organizationally?

Susan Lucia Annunzio tells Jim Blasingame the next step is for the owner to spend more time managing the team and less time managing …

Is anything more important to a 21st century small business than a good business model?

Susan and Jim Blasingame talk about this and determine that your corporate values could be the most important asset of your business.

Thought Leaders: Fuelling High Performance

The following interview with Susan Lucia Annunzio is a condensed version of’s live, one-hour online learning seminar, which was also broadcast on Voice …

Speaking the Unspeakable

In Contagious Success, we point out that before a company can improve its performance, it needs to bring taboo subjects into the light. One …

Getting to “What’s Smart”

This week, we’ve talked a lot about how success can be contagious… but it can’t spread without contact. In my work with executive teams, …