Business Books by Susan Lucia Annunzio

From one of the world’s leading management consultants comes three highly regarded business books...

NetApp Discusses Trust Within Companies

Are you compelling employees to leave their brains at the door?

In what ways are you unintentionally signaling to your employees to leave their brainpower at the door? This month’s newsletter explores how companies undermine …

What do Navy SEALs know that senior leaders need to know? The importance of practice.

Everyone has heard the expression “practice makes perfect.” Most of us associate it with activities such as playing an instrument or improving a golf …

Have leaders lost their moral compass?

With the recent well-publicized ethical lapses in corporate America, I am more convinced than ever that the ability to hear and value the opinions …

How to avoid killing a romance – or a business.

One of the hallmarks of healthy relationships is open and honest communication, including “speaking the unspeakable.” This is true not only in personal relationships, …

One more resolution: Value your people

Treat smart people like they’re smart. It costs nothing and it pays enormous dividends in the long run. In a fragile business environment, it …

The Inverted Pyramid for Leading People

Interview with Dan Warmenhoven – Chairman of the Board for NetApp. Fortune #1 place to work for 2009.

What Makes NetApp Unique Amongst its Peers?

Interview with NetApp leadership team.

How Does Fortunes #1 Best Company to Work For Leverage its Strengths?

Interview with NetApp executive team.

Why Most Companies Will Never become Fortunes #1 Company to Work For

Interview with NetApp executive team.