My gift to you during this crisis

By: Susan Lucia Annunzio. Category: Newsletters


I hope you and your families are well and safe during this difficult time. As we all deal with the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, I have decided to offer you up to two hours of free virtual consultations.

Based on years of experience mentoring CEOs on issues such as layoffs, plant closings and cybersecurity threats, I know that even with the best intentions leaders tend to make common mistakes, such as giving employees either too little or too much information. Some wait too long; others go too fast. In each of these scenarios you risk creating more fear. How do you maintain your credibility, foster trust in leadership and keep spirits as high as possible?

We can address topics such as:

  • What to say to employees when the future is uncertain
  • What information you need before you initiate communication
  • How to approach difficult conversations with compassion
  • How to communicate bad news
  • How to be productive during a stressful time

Communication has never been more important. If you would like guidance on your crisis communications, please reply to this email.

Stay healthy and safe! We will get through this if we help each other.