By: Susan Lucia Annunzio. Category: Books

From one of the world’s leading management consultants comes a dynamic new style of leadership that will enlighten and inspire executives to rethink and retool their companies of the eWorld.

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Icarian, Inc.
Doug Merritt – President and CEO

What I found most compelling about eLeadership were the parallels that I feel I go through every day. I think that any CEO, from BOM to Internet, would benefit greatly from reading this book. It is filled with practical recommendations and immediate insights to help make your workforce your company’s most important asset.

Persumma Financial, a Member of the MassMutual Financial Group
Spencer Williams – CEO

eLeadership points the way to a new business world in which victory goes to those who are fast and flexible. Any leader who wants to be among the victorious should read this book.

B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore – Authors of The Experience Economy: Work is Theatre and Every Business a Stage

Success today often requires business leaders to craft strategic stories that create intergenerational excitement within their organizations. Susan Annunzio’s five-step model provides a wonderfully dramatic framework for helping workers perform compelling work on the business stage.

Ellen Knapp – Vice Chairman and CIO

eLeadership tackles the difficult question of how old economy leadership teams can transform their companies into twenty-first-century enterprises. Through an intriguing combination of entertaining stories and an easy-to-follow structure, eLeadership translates the patterns of success into practical, actionable guidelines. Well researched, well written—and exceptionally well timed!