By: Susan Lucia Annunzio. Category: Books

Communicoding is a simple, practical system that can help you size up all those difficult people you have to deal with every day, crack their codes, break communication barriers, and get the results you want.


US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois
Abraham Lincoln Marovitz – Senior Judge

As a Federal Judge, I have seen how poor communication can lead to misunderstanding. Communicoding goes right to the heart of the problem by offering practical techniques for ‘decoding’ the next person’s thoughts and words. Whether in law, business or personal life, this book is a valuable tool for more effective communication. It certainly belongs in the hands of every CEO, teacher or people manager.

Grubb & Ellis
Bert Scherb – President, Midwest Region

After reading Communicoding, I now realize that many painful and unproductive relationship problems ending in ‘philosophical differences’ could have been avoided.

Eleanor P. Brenner, Ltd.
Eleanor P. Brenner – Fashion Designer

Communicoding is an interesting way to connect with those who think differently from you.