Getting Results the “Right” Way

By: Susan Lucia Annunzio. Source: Fast Company Category: Articles

Both Janice and Valeria recently shared great examples about “company interference” that can get in the way of high performance.

Unfortunately, these types of situations are not unusual. In our study, fully one third of the respondents from “non-performing” workgroups classified themselves as “used-to-be’s.” That is, they were once high-performing, but a variety of factors have worked against them, usually as a result of short-sighted actions (or inactions) from senior management.

In fairness, companies today are under enormous external pressures to achieve results fast. But there is also plenty of evidence out there that you can achieve results the “right” way, without sacrificing innovation, creativity, and long-term growth. The secret is finding these high-performing workgroups in your company, figuring out what they are doing right, and helping spread that health across the organization.

Bucking conventional wisdom is not always easy to do, but quite often it can be the most effective path to sustainable, profitable growth.

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